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Mentorship Programme

The Mentorship Programme is currently on hold due to COVID-19 restrictions.

The programme is open to all clinicians, and is free for Fellows and Members of the College, offered as a part of our membership benefits package.

Our mentors are fully trained before being thoughtfully matched with a suitable mentee in order to ensure a supportive, open and honest relationship; one that will help to tackle individual issues as well as helping to focus on, and achieve, longer term goals.

Becoming a Mentor

Mentors are supportive, open and honest, yet ready to challenge and question their mentee when necessary; encouraging the mentor to develop their own skills and abilities.

As a mentor, you will play a key role within the College, supporting mentees in their professional development, as well as broadening your own mentoring skill-set and diversify your network of colleagues.

The benefits of being a Mentor

  • Gaining a fresh perspective on your own performance and the way you approach your work
  • Improving your communication, leadership and management skills
  • Gaining a better understanding of people in other roles and developing a more supportive working environment
  • Developing skills that can be beneficially applied in other key professional areas
  • Engaging with new colleagues, who bring their own unique background and talents
  • Ensuring ongoing attention to your own career development.

Becoming a Mentee

A mentee is someone who wants to achieve their full potential; learning from a person experienced in supporting others’ personal and professional development.

As a mentee, this ‘match’ is an important one. It will allow a supportive, open and honest relationship to develop; one that will help you tackle individual issues you may be having, as well as help you focus on, and achieve, longer term goals.

The benefits of being a Mentee

  • Developing a relationship with a mentor who will support and challenge you
  • Supporting you in reviewing your progress, achieving and redefining aims and goals
  • Monitoring your progress in achieving those goals; working with your mentor if and when necessary to keep you on track
  • Improving your ability to reflect on your practice
  • Improving your self-confidence, ensuring a more self-assured approach to your work
  • Enhancing your problem solving skills, enabling you to tackle issues more effectively.

If you have any queries, or would like to discuss any aspect of the College's Mentoring Programme, please email, or call 0141 221 6072.

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