Mike McKirdy

Mike McKirdy

Mr Mike McKirdy FRCSGlasg(Gen Surg)

Director of Global Health

Mike McKirdy is a Consultant General Surgeon with a specialist interest in Breast Disease, at the Royal Alexandra Hospital, Paisley. In his previous role as Vice President (Surgical), he launched the College global health initiative to support medical and surgical training in Malawi.

Mr McKirdy is also part of the Scottish Global Health Collaborative, a newly formed group chaired by the Chief Medical Officer of Scotland to promote effective and coordinated health sector involvement in Global Health. The collaborative is currently supporting work by our College to report on the benefits of international volunteering. The report, due to be published in Spring 2017, will outline how the Scottish health service might plan more strategic involvement in global health matters.

Having served on College Council since 2005, Mr McKirdy served as Surgical Vice President from 2013 to 2016. He has also represented Scotland on the Council of the Association of Breast Surgery and the Council of the Association of Surgeons of Britain and Ireland and is a Director of Accord Hospice in Paisley.

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