Our Commitment to Healthcare

Since 1599, our founding vision has been to unite health professionals with the common aim of enhancing patient care. Today it is the skill, commitment and passion of our membership which defines us and helps to set the highest standards of healthcare. But we want to do more.

In December 2017 we announced the launch of our new charitable and philanthropic fund: HOPE Foundation. The aim of the HOPE Foundation is to improve access to good healthcare for those living in challenging circumstances, locally, nationally and internationally.

Together we can be a catalyst for change.


In recognition of the donors to the HOPE Foundation, the College will cover administration costs to ensure that 100% of your donation is directed to projects and good causes.

Working in partnership with others, we will work towards equality of services for those people most in need; breaking down barriers and bringing people together to improve care.


We are OPEN for applications.

Deadline for applications is 19th October 2018 but the sooner you apply the quicker we can assess your project.

The amount available to use for grants will fluctuate every year. However, HOPE Foundation aims to secure and utilise £50,000 in 2018. Please note that international projects must be nominated/sponsored by a Fellow or Member of the College.

We seek projects that fit with our purpose, our themes, criteria and values.


To make a positive difference to the health of people living in challenging circumstances where access to quality healthcare is, for whatever reason, limited.


We seek projects that bring down the barriers to quality healthcare and/or bring people together to advance medical knowledge and practice where it is most needed.


The Board will seek exemplary projects in this category that demonstrate the following criteria:

  • Shows tangible and cost effective impact on access to healthcare
  • Are local to Glasgow or of UK-wide significance (Local and National Programme)
  • Have a charitable mission
  • Are backed by a track record of delivery
  • Tackle genuine barriers to healthcare with care, innovation and compassion
  • Align with the values of the HOPE Foundation
  • Can provide a budget and breakdown of transparent project costs
  • Can provide quantitative and qualitative feedback, defined outputs and measures of success
  • Are nominated/sponsored by a Fellow or Member of the College (International Programme)

What we DO NOT fund:

  • Large scale capital projects
  • Salaries, although sessional work and specialist contracts will be considered
  • Fundraising activity
  • Individuals (except volunteering opportunities and there is a clear and inclusive candidate selection process)
  • Endowments

A large grant is in the region of £10,000 and a small grant will be in the region of £1,000


  • Partnership – we work in partnership with experts and organisations to ensure that maximum benefit is achieved.
  • Care and Compassion – we ensure that every project undertaken or supported has clear and relevant objectives. Our Members and supporters want to make a difference and we will always seek evidence of how this has been achieved.
  • Learning – we aspire to mutual learning between our Members and our collaborators. We aim to share all the learning from projects with our Members and partners to enhance their expertise and knowledge.
  • Influential and Inspirational – we support new and focused activity that will inspire others and takes a new approach to breaking down barriers to quality healthcare.
  • Integrity – we ensure that every project we support is monitored and truly in the best interests of the donors and beneficiaries.


In the first instance, all applicants should send an initial enquiry to hope@rcpsg.ac.uk.

It is likely that the largest grant will be in the region of £10,000 with smaller grants of circa £1,000.

Requests for funding from the International Programme will be considered if they are nominated by Fellows or Members of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow in good standing. Any project in this category will require written agreements with all parties involved that state responsibilities, processes, work plans and desired outcomes. After an initial enquiry, applicants will be asked to complete a form to define the project and gather the information needed by the Board.

Requests for support from the Local and National Programme will be considered by the Board at two meetings per year (dates to be confirmed). Each application with be initially assessed by the Foundation Manger and those that meet the criteria will go to the Board for final decision. From time to time, the Board will seek input from a Project Advisory Group of individuals with relevant background and experience who can advise the Board appropriately.

Process for applicants

All applicants will be informed of the progress of their submissions via email. We aim to provide a decision with 8 weeks of receiving a project proposal.

The HOPE Foundation wishes to work in partnership with projects, especially where volunteering opportunities for College Fellows and Members could form part of our support. We can also assist with access to the College as a venue and in joint PR initiatives.

Download Application Form


Glasgow City Mission

Emergency accommodation for people who are homeless
“Glasgow City Mission is delighted to accept this generous donation from the HOPE Foundation which will be used towards providing a lifeline emergency accommodation service for rough sleepers in Glasgow. Not only does the Glasgow Winter Night Shelter provide a safe place for people to sleep out of harm’s way and from the harsh winter weather, crucially, it provides access to healthcare interventions that often would not otherwise be accessed. The HOPE Foundation’s donation will mean that some of Glasgow’s most vulnerable and chaotic individuals can receive the vital healthcare that they need, and ultimately save lives. We are most grateful and look forward to working closely with the Foundation going forward”.

Graham Steven
Partnerships and Communications Manager, Glasgow City Mission

Kings Sierra Leone Partnership (KSLP)

Surgical volunteer for Connaught Hospital, Freetown
“Kings Sierra Leone Partnership is delighted to be working with the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow as they support the funding for a surgery volunteer at Connaught Hospital in Freetown. This volunteer will contribute to our work with the Government of Sierra Leone and the international surgical community to improve access to timely and affordable surgical and anaesthesia care. This includes supporting Connaught to meet and sustain standards required to achieve West African College of Surgery Accreditation for postgraduate surgical residency training and working to implement the objectives of the Lancet Commission on Global Surgery.”

Shelley Parry
Country Director, Sierra Leone, KSLP

To discuss your donation or grant application please contact:

Julie Forster
HOPE Foundation Manager
Tel: 0141 221 6072
Email: hope@rcpsg.ac.uk

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